The Climate Change Performance Index is an instrument developed by German Watch.[1] It is aimed at enhancing transparency in international climate politics by analysing the performance of relevant countries with respect to climate change protection.[1] It is hoped that this index will assist citizens, NGOs and others to place political and social pressure on countries that have not met their climate protection obligations. In turn, the Index also seeks to highlight the countries with best practice climate protection initiatives in place.

The Index works by taking standardised criteria and evaluating these in the context of the 58 countries responsible for 90 percent of the global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions.[1]The Index enables you to make a comparison between the performance of different countries.

German Watch states that it assesses countries cited in the Index on the following basis:[1]

  • Objective indicators of emissions trend and emissions levels forms eighty percent of the evaluations.
  • National and international climate policy assessments made by 200 experts from the relevant countries form twenty percent of the Index’s assessments.

Download a copy of the index here: or here: (for other languages, tables, etc.)

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