Tesla's 100 MW Li-ion battery powerpack in S. Australia

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As of November 2017 Tesla has completed the construction phase of a 100 MW (129 MWh) Lithium ion battery storage facility in Southern Australia. The project was made popular in the clean energy technologies space by a friendly 50 million dollar wager placed by Elon Musk. Musk declared in a tweet that if the project was not finished in 100 days, Tesla would cover the construction costs. Having completed the project much before the deadline, Musk and friends are off the hook, however according to Reuters- the project was already half done when the bet was initiated. [1]

Nevertheless, this battery installment is the biggest to ever be installed on earth and it will aid the region when summer comes around. Southern Australia regularly experiences power outages during the summer months and the 100 MW of Li-ion is just a piece of a larger plan to bolster regional energy security.

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