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The Technocommons Initiative[edit]

The Technocommons initiative is an investigation into the applicability of advanced information and communication technologies (ICT) to the enhancement of participation and interaction in the public life of a community. Research and design goals will emphasize the development of systems – in prototype form -- that can be viewed as community resources accessible to all -- a “technological commons.”

Communities are the research environments for this initiative. Research problems are developed around specific gaps in ICT-based solutions available for performing critical community functions while seeking more broadly applicable results. This initiative will focus on the following functional domains in which members of the community operate:

  1. Democratic engagement: democratic participation and collaboration by community members in addressing public issues;
  2. Exchange of life-critical information: delivery and exchange of emergency and other types of information that are necessary for the health and safety of the community; and,
  3. Geographic and cultural engagement: public transit, tourism, and artistic activities.


  • Course on Community Informatics & Collaborative Design