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Appropriate Technology and "South of the World"[edit | edit source]

International Award for Ba, MS and PhD Theses[edit | edit source]

Engineering without Borders, Florence, Italy.

The Tattarillo Award is an international prize for Bachelor, MSc and PhD theses covering any theme related to "Appropriate Technologies for sustainable development in any South of the World contexts", held by "Ingegneria Senza Frontiere – Firenze ONLUS" in cooperation with the "Environmental Councillor of the Municipality of Florence" and River Puslibher (http://riverpublishers.com).

The objective of the Award is to stimulate the interest of students and international academia community in sustainability topics in the "South of the World", namely the realities where a group of individuals have no access to resources for their own realization within the social context of belonging.

In particular, Tattarillo Award aims to deepen and circulate the concept of "Appropriate Technology" as a mean for:

  • knowledge transfer and awareness spreading among populations, to promote development models appropriate to their specific socio-economic and environmental reality;
  • satisfying the needs of a community arising from its own socio-economic and environmental reality;
  • supporting the debate and the encounter among different cultures also through discussion regarding technological choices.

The Award is addressed to any student graduated in any University with a Bachelor Degree or a Master Degree or a PhD. The thesis may belong to any faculty; they are not limited to Engineering faculties. The defence of the submitted thesis must have been held between the closing date of the present Award and no earlier than 1st January 2009.

Participant theses have to deal with studies and/or applications of appropriate technologies in a context classifiable as South of the World, in the sense previously specified.

The prize-giving public ceremony is usually held in the month of June in the "Salone de' Dugento" hall in Palazzo Vecchio, Firenze (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/dc/Firenze.PalVecchio05.JPG).

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