Kyle, The page looks great! I think you have some really good information and great pictures to support your findings. I added some minor grammatical changes and edited a few different parts of your site to make your page flow better. Please go back and check these changes because sometimes it was very unclear to me what you were trying to say and it was not my intention to change the meaning of your sentences. I think that you should try to paraphrase the last sentence in your introduction. It is a very long quote and I think it could be better said and more succinct using your own words. Another suggestion would be to go back and check your direct quotations. I noticed a couple of times when you opened a quote and never closed it; I would have changed it myself, but it is difficult to tell when the quotes ended. You mentioned hardwood plywood in the first sentence of the Uses and Consumption section and I'm not exactly sure what this term means since you never described its' meaning. Is hardwood plywood the same as plywood? The tables look great and I think that they are beneficial to your page. Where did you find the information for the first two tables because I can't find the source you used. One last thing I would like to recommend you to do is to link your page to the other VOC sites, because this is something that Lonny asked us to do. Overall I think you did a very nice job and I learned a lot by reading about your topic!

--Dballard918 04:20, 29 September 2010 (UTC)