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Specific Suggections

- Change damages to damage. Makes the sentance sound akward.
Healing Componets and Chemistry
- What is Grubb's catalyst. And rewrite so it does not sound like Grubb owns the catalyst. Could use more explaination
Material Applications
- How are the micro capsules place in the thermosetting ploymers.
- The way the imformation was presented was a little confusing. Could benfit from listing which each healing agent does and its strong points opposed to writing it as a report or paper.
- What is a Colloidal? Explain a lttle more.

General Suggections

Format the page so that the table of contents is on the right and is higher than the topics it list.

The page is infomative and understandable although it took a second read in some parts to help this think about reformating the data from the report style it is now to more bullet point list so that facts can be looked at clearly and seperatly instead of the information not flowing together smoothly. A good example were this would benfit the page is in the kinetics section so you could split up each healing agent and talk about them indpendently.

Expand the application section so that it deals more with how this will minimize the energy invloved in the process. Add a little of how it will minimize energy into the introduction.

Explain some of the jargon more. Words like colloidal, vitrification, and calcination or examples

This is a fairly good page with a few improvments of how you display the information and a little expansion on the ideas it will be a excellent page.

August.J 07:20, 19 November 2009 (UTC)

well done -- just enhance the efficiency improvement[edit]

--Joshua 13:43, 20 November 2009 (UTC)