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The research is carried out at the Environmental Technology Centre of Murdoch, a West Australian University near the city of Perth. Australia. It is part of his PhD project on Technology Transfer to promote eco-friendly craft cottage industry to developing countries. Email <L.Westerlund@murdoch.edu.au>: http://www.etc.murdcoh.edu.au:

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You will see how to:

Make eco-friendly hand made paper

  1. Sort the paper into colours and grades
  2. soak 4kg in a bucket of hot water for a day to soften it
  3. pulp it in Leslie's 200 litre hydropuler 50:1 water: paper wt ratio: 4 dilute 99:1 into Leslie's VAT; Screan through with special moulds and deckles (LAM)
  4. transfer via Leslie's special new couching LTC
  5. transfer to L's stacking system (LSR); transfer to L's pulping Press (LPP); then hang to air dry
  6. then peel; then dry press; then grade; then cut to sizes
  7. Save energy, water, inks, chemicals

Keep up the good work. Note that this page will probably eventually be seperated into papermaking in general and a seperate page about what Environmental Technology Centre of Murdoch is doing with the technology. Thank you --Lonny 17:59, 2 October 2006 (PDT)