I thnk it is better to move this part to www.appropedia.org/Electricity_basics

Hi Stef, This is looking good. I made a few minor changes to this page so far. I also added a See also section at Electricity basics pointing to this page, Electrical wiring and switching and Power and energy basics. Please feel free to move this discussion to the discussion tab. Thank you for all of your amazing contributions, --Lonny 04:10, 24 January 2007 (PST)

Thank you I wil move dis discussion


Hello Lonny

You can do everything what you think is best.

I will see in the articles what you have changed.

I think it is good to use also Skype or msn for discussions.


I deleted this text: "make sure you solding the plus in the middle and the min on the outside" Some device have the plus on the outside of the electric connector.

Stef--Stef 10:18, 31 January 2008 (PST)

I want to put more information about USB connetions and 9 vold battery cap connections[edit source]

- Electrical polarity and Voltage and data mini and micro USB connetor - The 9 voltage caps of the 9 volt batteries are everywhere very available can be very useful to make electric connections

I want to put the text that al collors from yello, orange to brown are often plus and and gray shades to black are mostly Minos polarity.

Mostly the Plus from the battery is a inside going connection becource that way there is less chance this gives short circuit to the car chassis and that the car chassis is always minnos.

There is still a lot of information to give about voltage

/* Simple self made polarity test device */ -With a serial led and diode people can make a very simple an cheap polarity tester.

-- 03:11, 15 October 2016 (PDT)

Dimention of the battery Plus pole is thicker thane the min pole.[edit source]

So the min pole can not accidentally put om the min pole of the battery The Plus of a battery cap haves mostly a isolation cap to prevent toughing the min-pole carrosserie of the Vehicle -- 03:58, 15 October 2016 (PDT)

Simple method to test if there is voltage...[edit source]

by low voltage batteries is to put the battery on your tongue and by high voltage batteries if the poles spark. Make sure the voltage is not to high.

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