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Notes for Improvement[edit source]

General Notes[edit source]

  • Use the Practivistas Dominicana/Page template and criteria page for as a formatting template, and refer to it for specific grading criteria.
  • Add some photos or one really good one to the top of your page
  • Incomplete sections (Final Design/Construction)
  • Missing sections (Conclusions & Team)

Abstract[edit source]

  • Abstract should not contain any information that is not mentioned throughought the rest of the project page... it only summarizes (like a research paper)

Background[edit source]

  • Consider revising sentence structure
  • Include information from abstract here... abstract should not contain any information that is not mentioned throughought the rest of the project page (like a research paper)
  • Include information about who you are and where Las Malvinas is located

Objective[edit source]

  • Be a little more specific (add design and construct)

Criteria[edit source]

Final Design[edit source]

  • I would recommend you divide this section into two parts: Final Design and Construction. Under Final Design include your sketchup and a paragraph about your design, your timeline, and budget table. Under Construction include all the steps you took to begin construction along with your picture galleries.

Costs[edit source]

  • UPDATE...You won't be including individual costs for each material that goes into the blocks you will use (that's block biz's job) instead I assume we will estimate cost per block and reference the other block team's budget/page
  • Fix math - if total $US was what you were aiming for (which is helpful) then make sure you label it as such and also add a total RD$ column
  • Add introduction (explain that this is only for the foundation) and seriously consider adding an estimate for completion

Timeline[edit source]

  • Add an introduction

Construction[edit source]

  • Instead of "How To" language, describe how you went about building (e.g., "We did this")

Conclusion[edit source]

  • ADD this section

Team[edit source]

  • ADD this section