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Following uses can be mentioned:

  • Exterior antiseptic medicine (treatment of burns, skin infections, boils, ...)
  • Treatment of mouth problems (tooth ache, aphtous ulcers, ...)
  • Wound treatment and skin rehydration
  • Ear treatment medicines
  • Treatment of respiratory problems
  • Treatment of fever (colds, ...)
  • Digestion relaxing medicines (stomach, intestines)
  • Medicines promoting blood circulation (against clogged and/or showing veins, headaches, ...)
  • Plants hindering pain receptors (against headaches, pain of wounds, ...)
  • Plants inducing sleep
  • Medicines promoting detoxification (blood purification, sweat inducing plants, diuretics, ...)
  • Insect repelling plants for use with inhaler
  • Integrated pest management (IPM) plants
  • Plants against malaria
  • Toilet paper plants
  • Skin washing plants
  • Toothcleaning plants (twigs)
  • Environment cleaning plants

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