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Initial Feedback[edit source]

Hi Team,

Nice start. Please provide more background, e.g. more on HCOE, Humboldt State University, your team, the semester, the location, etc. Please also add some images, e.g. a photo of the location and an example of bike power. I made some changes to your page, such as adding some categories and an internal link (please add more).

Good luck!

Thanks, --Lonny (talk) 16:08, 24 January 2017 (PST)


This is a good start but needs some editing. The first few paragraphs especially should be free of grammatical and spelling errors. This is the first impression your reader gets of you and you want it to be good. Please re-read your first few paragraphs out loud and check for errors or strange wording. Your first sentence needs to be re-written, what students for what purpose. Your writing needs to be professional, avoid wording like " first things first".

Your first two paragraphs should be in a section as the do not talk about every section you have in your lit review, maybe put them in a section called pedal power with subsections of the two types.

Your parts section is strangle formatted and a bit confusing. Give is a read.

I would recommend adding a section on appropriate technology and maybe one on how it is taught. Also you need a section on your client.

Good start.

Rebecca Stark (grader)

Criteria[edit source]

Hello Team, Your criteria is incomplete. Please make your table as soon as possible as it will help you make project decisions.

Rebecca Stark (grader)