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  • General
-In addition to % alcohol being an important factor in the effectiveness of killing germs,
 the type of alcohol and the exposure time are also significant factors
-Fermentation occurs in an anaerobic environment, hence the need to keep oxygen out
  • Technical Specs
-Add safety concerns in with instructions as appropriate

Name & suggestions[edit]

Alcohol as a term should be avoided, perhaps change the name to Ethanol-based hand sanitizers. In addition, I'm not sure whether research is required/appropriate. Perhaps it's better to focus on a DIY still (I already uploaded some schematics; ie worm stills) and simply use 100% pure ethanol as a desinfectant/sanitizer. In addion, we can also use "ecological soaps" by simply using extract from plants (see Appropriate hygiene manual )

KVDP 08:51, 28 March 2010 (UTC)