I am tagging this page as being without clear purpose. Joeturner 13:29, 7 February 2013 (PST)

The purpose is to guide someone running such a workshop... whether you think it achieves that aim well is a separate matter :-).
Arguably it could be turned into a how to, or merged... but I think there's a place for pages on how to run workshops.
Perhaps such pages could be very short, referring to a how-to page, and only adding additional notes related to how best to explain a point in a workshop setting. E.g. "Pass around a sample of the resulting compost - this is more engaging and instructive than showing a slide."
Then again, that particular point could be adequately covered in a general page on running workshops. (Or a general one on gardening workshops, say.) And having a more central point for such workshops, that single page might be better maintained than lots of overly-specific ones. And it would be easier to ensure that important points are conveyed (e.g. the safety issue of not passing around dry compost, which can transmit airborne disease, notably Legionnaires' disease).
No fixed opinion at this point - just wondering how best to support people running workshops. --Chriswaterguy 18:16, 7 February 2013 (PST)
I agree with Chris (as the original author) that this is a work in progress ... but others have told me it is useful to them. Therefore it not only has a clear purpose, but also clear utility (which is what I think you might have meant to verify with your comment, Joe :-) --Brunov25 20:25, 7 February 2013 (PST)
Thanks again. I was mostly trying to focus thought on the purpose of the page. If there is a purpose, that is fine. Joeturner 00:25, 8 February 2013 (PST)

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