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Talk:Alkaline versus rechargeable batteries

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Article name[edit]

Article name is not well chosen, choose Primary vs secondary electrochemical cells instead, see engineering terminology 09:33, 20 February 2010 (UTC)

This comment was left on the page by User:KVDP - "The title suggests that alkaline batteries are not rechargable, this is untrue (rechargable upto 50 times)"
So, what are the facts, and what is a more suitable name? --Chriswaterguy 04:31, 19 July 2012 (PDT)
Alkaline batteries are not rechargable, as the chemical reaction is irreversible. "Rechargable alkaline" batteries are a marketing ploy. They are not satisfactory for rechargable use.

LCA Draft Page comments by Tommy Munro:[edit]

1.Strengths: The page is comprehensive. I like the background briefing on battery types and uses. The LCA was thorough. The conclusion wrapped up everything with a take home message. Nice.
2.Improvements: (James) Addition of captions to the tables, table numbering in addition to the source reference numbering. Maybe include the source reference number in the table captions if possible.
3.Navigation: (James) The intro sentence should be turned into a proper paragraph. You could do this by beefing the intro with a few sentences about the LCA outline and organization of topics. This would be redundant to the table of contents, but it would make page navigation foolproof. 4.Headings: (??? Don't know what this means - James) In the paragraphs, put more space after the end of each main section (not subsection). Also the subheadings seem to pop out more than the main headings.
5.Topic sentences: (James - added subheading instead) Put your recommendation first in your concluding paragraph.
6.Referencing: (Good) Good text references, see comment 2. Good use of multiple sources and formatting of references.
7.Tables as Text: (Ryan) a couple tables could be changed to text.
8.Document length: (Good) Good length. No changes

  • Dumb down the wording in the intro sentence. (Ryan)
  • “Construction of the battery resists prevents the electrons from…”. (no, only resists; batteries go dead after a while without completing the circuit -Ryan)
  • Hopefully someone will come up with a competitive way to recycle batteries so consumers can get paid incentives for recycling, like for glass and aluminum… Nice work overall.

End Comments by Tommy Munro-

New Comments[edit]

This article is an impressive attempt. It is seriously incomplete. It totally neglects the most used secondary battery types (NiMH and LI ion) and includes no comment on safety issues. —The preceding comment was added by (talkcontribs) 23:15, 2 September 2018‎

Great points. I hope that can be rectified by you or another editor. --Lonny (talk) 23:59, 4 September 2018 (PDT)

LCA Comments from Dylan Gray-[edit]

1. Strengths:

  • Clear and informative, logical progression of thought

2. Correct:

  • Battery Basics
    • (James) Current= Voltage*Resistance, maybe say it doesn’t only depend on voltage
  • Introduction
    • (James) state life cycle analysis is (LCA)
    • (James) Maybe just give a quick overview of what's going to be talked about below, make it a paragraph
  • Primary vs. Secondary
    • (James)‘ability for battery recharged’ awkward
  • Type 1
    • (James)‘batteries terminals’ --> battery terminals
  • Type 2
    • (James) capital ‘Batteries?’
  • Results/Methods
    • use subscripts for molecules (some by Ryan)
    • PO43? Maybe (PO4)3 (some by Ryan)
  • Manufacturing
    • (James) ‘$100 million in secondary See the table’ maybe state batteries and a period after secondary
    • ‘The table makes the assumption’ maybe- 'the assumption is made,' really, the table isn’t doing anything (Ryan)
  • Distribution/Transportation
    • you measure battery transportation in energy, but buyers and sellers usually care about how many they have (numbers)
    • (James) Arcata to Los Angeles is around 1000 km driving
    • (James)The end of this section sounds more conversational than the rest (and not finished- but you know that)
  • Use
    • ‘heated above the batteries threshold’ battery (Ryan)
  • Recycling
    • ‘Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries the recycled’ awkward
  • Conclusion
    • ‘secondary bttery technologies’ spelling
    • (I am :) - James) The capitals sound like you’re yelling
  • Notes
    • not sure what the purpose of this is

3. Navigation:

  • It's only a page, not too hard to find things

4. Headings:

  • The main title could be revised- tell Lonny

5. Topic sentences:

  • I think these were done very well, clear and prepares me for the rest of the section

6. Figures:

  • (James) The figures are of tables, so which are they? Either way they are not labeled, but are referred to in the text
  • It would be nice to have a couple visuals in there, I learn much better when I see it

7. References:

  • 8 References, 3 contributors, yes

8. Tables:

  • These are not done as text, they're kept as pictures (Ryan)

9. Length:

  • Overall good length, just strengthen the intro some

10. Last Words:

  • Very well done, nice pace, well written, interesting

LCA comments from Dylan Gray complete