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Tabag food covers

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"Transmission of cholera, dysentery, and typhoid via food handling, especially in foods such as bread which cannot easily be washed."


(The device) "consists of a small straw or palm leaf tray fitted with a transparent conical plastic lid which is arranged to fit closely around the rim of the tray and is placed in the sun. Food such as bread, pies or fruit is placed in the tabag for approximately one hour. It is found that the inside temperature rises to 55oC within about 25 minutes, and most intestinal bacteria die if exposed to temperatures of around 54 to 56oC. tests showed that the count was considerably reduced after 45 minutes in the tabag, there was complete inactivation after one hour and after 1 1/4 hours no organisms could be recovered at all. This device is cheap and simple and could be used to reduce the chance of infection at religious and holiday gatherings and to protect travelers such as pilgrims who buy food from wayside stalls." [1] [2]


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