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Fig 1: With every pair you purchase TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need ONE FOR ONE

Mission[edit | edit source]

Who knew Shoes could change the way you live your life and the way you feel, including children around the world. Toms Shoes is an organization that is worldwide. It is amazing that each and every pair of shoes that you purchase will go and help a child in need. Unfortunately it takes around six months for the actual shoes to go on a childs foot.

The Importance of Shoes[edit | edit source]

Around the whole world there are so many children that are in poverty based areas that walk around barefooted. Many of the children are in these rural areas, that are at risk. One of the leading reason that diseases are spread in these countries is something called "Soil-Transmitted" diseases[1] which goes through the bottom of the barefooted children. This is where shoes like come in and play a key role in society. Many children tend to get cuts,sores and many other major wounds that can get infected which cause even more injuries. Sadly many children can not go to school due to dress code.Many countries have rules that are strictly enforced. Which states without shoes children can not come to school to receive an education and hope for a more promising future.

Fig 2: TOMS Motto

History[edit | edit source]

Many people are unknowledgeable about the very significance of these exceptional shoes and what they stand for. It's not like your very popular shoes such as, nike, converse, and other shoes that have came and gone on our feet. In todays age and time we pretty much see people from elementary, middle, and high schools and also college campus wearing a pair of these shoes.TOMS was founded by a man name "Blake Mycoskie"[2]in the year of 2006. Anyone could make a pair of shoes but not shoes like this, which separates itself from many other companies. When Blake was on a trip in Argentina[3] , he witness children barefoot who were dirty and had no shoes, These children had very bad health conditions where it effected them tremendously. He made it his focus and goal to help these children any way possible. With that mindset he begin his work creating what we see now as a fashion accessory. Amazingly in 2010 TOMS sold there one millionth pair of shoes which means that they gave away a million pairs of shoes to a children in need.

Fig 3: TOMS Charity
Giving Back[edit | edit source]

We live in a day and time where numerous amounts of organizations give back to communities, in several types of ways. TOMS is an organization in which separates itself from all others. One for One"[4] is a charitable event that goes out and pretty much donates a pair of shoes to a child in need, every time someone purchase a pair. This type of organization is consider to be a for-profit organization. Over the time period from 2006 until now 2012 it has attracted the eyes of millions for their good deeds in society. While their charity is booming it has allowed them to transform their sustainable business rather then dealing with government funding or fundraising to help them out.

Eye Opener[edit | edit source]

TOMS started out as a heart filled company to help people who were struggling. In the world we cant change every negative aspect of the world but this is a start. Now they have attracted the eyes of many big names like Ralph Lauren polo to element skateboards. TOMS has inspired Element's so much they are now helping a child in need as well. When you purchase a pair of their skateboarding shoes it with go to a child that is in need. As of today their are so many companies who want to collaborate with TOMS, because of their ambition and drive and dedication to serve those in need.

Fig 4: They received their new TOMS

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