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TMC4361A: Miniaturized, high performance motion controller for stepper motor

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The TMC4361A-LA is a small, high performance motion controller that drives stepper motors. It is used in many applications for slope profiles, especially for fast, limited overshoot sports. Users can implement S-shaped or sixPoint™ six-point speed profile configuration and closed-loop or open-loop operation according to their own requirements, and dynamically modify motion parameters. The TMC4361A includes the SPI interface, the Step/Dir interface, and the encoder interface required for the closed loop.


To achieve some applications, the TMC4361A can be used in conjunction with the TMC5130A or TMC5160. If these combinations are required, all information and configuration procedures for the TMC2130 or TMC2160 apply equally to the TMC5130A or TMC5160, as these chips are software compatible from the TMC4361A's perspective.



An easy-to-use SPI interface to communicate with the microprocessor.

SPI interface to communicate with the SPI stepper motor driver.

Encoder interface for incremental or serial encoders.

Closed loop control of pulse and SPI stepper drives.

Integrated ChopSync™ and dcStep™.

The internal ramp generator produces a dynamically modifiable S-shaped ramp or a sixPoint™ six-point ramp.

Controllable PWM output.

Refer to switch processing.

Hardware and virtual stop switch.

Supports TMC stepper motor drivers.