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Sustainability Victoria is a Victorian government agency that delivers programs on integrated waste management and resource efficiency to the state of Victoria, Australia. It was established under the Sustainability Victoria Act 2005 to promote and facilitate environmental sustainability in the use of resources.

Sustainability Victoria provides information and advice to householders, businesses, schools and the community. As well as services that they deliver in partnership with other organizations, including state and government bodies, industry groups and businesses, and community groups.

Sustainability Victoria Act 2005[edit | edit source]

The purpose of the Sustainability Victoria Act 2005 was to establish Sustainability Victoria as the successor in law of Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria and EcoRecycle Victoria; amend the Environment Protection Act 1970 to transfer functions and powers to Sustainability Victoria from EcoRecycle Victoria by repealing provisions related to EcoRecycle Victoria, and repeal the Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria Act 1990.[1]

Some functions of Sustainability Victoria as noted in the act are for Sustainability Victoria to:

  • Facilitate the implementation of environmentally sustainable measures in all sectors of the Victorian economy, including local government, business and households;
  • Provide information and advice on issues relating to environmental sustainability;
  • Provide information and advice on the efficient use of energy, including renewable energy, and the resulting benefit to all sectors of the Victorian community;
  • Facilitate the uptake of fledgling technologies, industries, markets and practices in environmental sustainability, including demonstration projects;
  • Facilitate the development of voluntary environmental sustainability initiatives;

Community Services[edit | edit source]

  • Keep Australia Beautiful is a not-for-profit environmental organization established in the early 1970s that has an office in each state and territory which are all run separately. The Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria (KABV) program is managed by Sustainabilty Victoria and works to support activities that conserve, protect, and improve the environment.
  • The Public Place Recycling program enables the collection of recyclable materials that would otherwise be processed as waste in transportation, retail, recreational, and sporting areas.
  • Victoria Litter Action Alliance works in litter management and prevention in Victoria. On their website litter prevention kits can be found that offer tools and knowledge as to how to best practice litter management.

Environment Protection And Sustainability Victoria Amendment Bill 2014[edit | edit source]

The Environment Protection and Sustainability Victoria Amendment Bill 2014[2] purpose is to amend the Environment Protection Act 1970, the Sustainability Victoria Act 2005, and the Alpine Resorts (Management) Act 1997.

To the functions of Sustainability Victoria the bill added that Sustainability Victoria is to:

  • prepare the State-Wide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan and assist in the preparation of Regional Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plans under the Environment Protection Act 1970. The bill passed on 03/25/14.

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