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Malawi is located in sub-saharan Africa and shares borders with Mozambique, Tanzania, and Zambia. It is listed as one of the top 10 lowest GDPs in the world. Many aid efforts have been invested to develop, promote, and disseminate appropriate technology throughout Malawi. This webpage compiles various common local technologies, as well as different organizations, businesses, and institutions that are promoting/that have promoted appropriate technology.

 Although technologies have been manufactured and tested across Malawi, still, many are not in use due to unavailability or unfamiliarity with the tools or maintenance and spare parts. More efforts must be made to disseminate not only the technologies, but also the knowledge and techniques regarding proper use, maintenance, and construction. Greater commercial availability of tools in remote areas may spread usage.

Map of Malawi

Technologies[edit | edit source]

Common technologies[edit | edit source]

==== Baskets/buckets  ====
- Dengu basket 
- Winnowing basket
- Nkhokwe- maize storage
-Plastic bucket: Arkay plastics

Hand tools[edit | edit source]

- Needle/awl from bicycle spoke
- Mortar and pestle
- Hand hoe
- Axe
- mallet

Textiles/woven or fastened fibers[edit | edit source]

-Traditional cloth (Chitinje)
-Grass mat
-Bamboo mat

Pottery[edit | edit source]

- Urns: used for water or other storage

Tins[edit | edit source]

- Watering cans

Hand-made tin watering can

- Buckets/pails
- Funnels
- Spatulas

Bicycle and Transport[edit | edit source]

- Bicycle racks
- for bicycle taxis
- for firewood/sugarcane/stick-like objects
- for goats and chickens
- cargo tricycles* Mponela, Dowa
- Carts
- ox drawn carts
- hand drawn carts -

Energy and Fuel[edit | edit source]

- Agricultural waste/paper briquettes
- Mud stoves
- Portable, mud cookstoves
- Brick

Architecture/Shelter[edit | edit source]

- Frames for rammed-earth buildings
- Brick molds
- Brick presses
- Brick kilns

Agriculture[edit | edit source]

- Planting
- Harvesting
- Weeding
- Crop Processing
- Crop storage
- Nkhokwe

Food[edit | edit source]

- Food driers
- Gary fryers
- Peelers, chippers, and slicers

Income Generating Activities[edit | edit source]

- Beekeeping
- Beehives
- Bee suits
- Fish farming
- Fish ponds
- Oil presssing
- Lever ram press
- Accordion ram press
- Screw press
- Juice pressing
- Mushroom farming

Education[edit | edit source]