Stephen Fox is a Principal Scientist at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and a Docent (Adjunct Professor) at Tampere University Finland.

Some Publications[edit | edit source]

  • Fox, S. (2022) Synchronous generative development amidst situated entropy. Entropy, 24(1), 89. [1]
  • Fox, S., Mubarak, Y. and Adam, A. (2020) Ecological analyses of social sustainability for international production with fixed and moveable technologies. Sustainability 12(20), 8476 [2]
  • Fox, S. (2019) Moveable production systems for sustainable development and trade: Limitations, opportunities, and barriers. Sustainability, 11, 5154.[3]
  • Fox, S. and Alptekin, B. (2018) A taxonomy of manufacturing distributions and their

comparative relations to sustainability.[4]

  • Fox, S. and Mubarak, Y.M. (2017) Moveable social manufacturing: Making for shared

peace and prosperity in fragile regions. [5]

  • Fox, S. (2016) Leapfrog skills: combining vertical and horizontal multi-skills to overcome skills trade-offs that limit prosperity growth. [6]
  • Fox, S. (2016) Addressing the causes of mass migrations: Leapfrog solutions for mutual prosperity growth between regions of emigration and regions of immigration. [7]
  • Fox, S. (2015) Moveable factories: How to enable sustainable widespread manufacturing by local people in regions without manufacturing skills and infrastructure [8]
  • Fox, S. (2014) Third Wave DIY: Potential for prosumption, innovation, and entrepreneurship by local populations in regions without industrial manufacturing infrastructure [9]
  • Fox, S. (2013) Open Prosperity: Breaking Down Financial and Educational Barriers to Creating Physical Goods [10]

Rerences[edit | edit source]

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