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Category:QAS completed projects and publications
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3-D printable categorized + , 3D printable OSAT gallery 1 + , 3D printable OSAT gallery 2 + , 3D printable OSAT gallery 3 + , A new method to determine the effects of hydrodynamic surface coatings on the snow shedding effectiveness of solar photovoltaic modules + , An open source simulation of photovoltaic yield with r.sun over large regions + , Analytical Model for the Optical Functions of Indium Gallium Nitride with Application to Thin Film Solar Photovoltaic Cells + , Barriers to Appropriate Technology Growth in Sustainable Development + , Decreasing turbidity to optimize solar water disinfection + , Design of Multi-Junction Photovoltaic Cells Optimized for Varied Atmospheric Conditions + , Diverting indirect subsidies from the nuclear to the photovoltaic industry: Energy and financial returns + , Effects of Substrate Temperature on Indium Gallium Nitride Nanocolumn Crystal Growth + , Effects of low concentration planer concentrators on array-scale solar photovoltaic systems performance + , Effects of spectral albedo on solar photovoltaic devices + , Energy cannibalism + , Estimating the rooftop PV potential of a large-scale geographical region + , Evaluating the Geographic Viability of the Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS) Method by Decreasing Turbidity with NaCl: A Case Study of South Sudan + , Government support of photovoltaic manufacturing + , Greenhouse waste heat exchange + , Industrial symbiosis in glass and solar photovoltaic manufacturing + ... Categories
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