The problem of obtaining clean drinking water is very wide spread among developing nations. Dew collection is an area of research that is being explored, to see if it can provide a viable solution to this problem. Standard dew collectors collecting moisture at night, by providing a surface with a temperature below the dew point. The proposed device is able to collect dew for 24 hours per day. It consists of an absorption refridgerator such as the type obtained from an old mobile vehical, a shade canopy, and a condensation sheet. Passive solar heating is used to power the evaoporator, and the refridgerator cools a coolent, which is circulated below the condensation sheet. Water condenses on the sheet, and then runs downhill to a container. The entire device opperates without the use of electricity. This work offers a primer to the topic, as well as a literature review of dew collection technology and solar absorption refridgeration, assesses the feasibility of running the refridgerator off of a solar heater, and suggests a design that is appropriate for the developing world.