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Solar Powered Speaker System

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The project in all its glory.
Solar Powered Speakers.

Using the power of the sun we can power up some speakers with efficient hardware. This page was created with the hope that it will help someone who also wants to build a party set. With the help of my father and uncle google I was able to build this project in approximately 13 hours.

Project goals[edit]

  1. My project goals were to create a housing for all the hardware components.
  2. To outreach the community and make them aware of alternative energies.
  3. Flash Party :)


Below are various pictures of the design. The metal framing is 28" x 18". Steps: Take a look at the wiring provided by the schematic below. We will wire all of our components according to this schematic. Now the inverter acts as a "wall" input so it will power the bare-bones amp that is connected to the speaker. Since it is a single speaker we are "bridging" the Left and Right channels together.


Below are my costs you can get all these items at amazon. You may describe your costs here.

Item Cost
Radio Shack Inverter $20
Speaker(Home) $20 - $60
Solar Battery by Chrome Battery $70
D Class Amp Sure electronics $30
Renogy Solar Panel $150
Total Cost: $300


Why not inspire young and old generations to the benefit of grid fossil fuel dependence. Instead we should be looking to new solutions to our overgrowing consumption of energy. This is my small step, I want to raise awareness in an artistic way; through music.

Next steps[edit]

  1. LED's that beat to a song.(Will need to research further as I have an equalizer)
  2. Pexiglass encasement and casing for the amp.
  3. Since it snows in Lake Tahoe, maybe ski attachments?


The project was successful and it is all due to the metal framing skills of my father.Looking towards the future here is what I plan to do is build a Plexiglas casing and I also need to secure the speaker and the batteries. Once my finances come in to place I also want to put LED lights all over the frame.

With this in place I challenge you the reader to take this information and go out to build your own party system. Doesn't it sound nice to change our mentality of off-grid living, one party at a time?


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Contact details[edit]

Please feel free to contact me. Lets discuss some ideas email at yahoo.ID is immemo1105.