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Solar Design T-Square

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The solar design T-Square is a t square with 2 laser pointers attached. Tsquaresg.jpg Target is marked in blue, lasers are pointed out with green pointers and the T-square itself is within an orange bubble.

 The pointers are mounted in the vertical plane on a track that goes along the front of the T-Square.  The lasers can rotate to any angle. If you have one pointing straight down and another pointing down at 30 degrees off the vertical, you have a 30 degree difference and that simulates 2 hours of sun movement. The T_Square sits on a frame ABOVE your model. 

(I used an old wooden shelve thingy laying on its side to mount the T-Square). You use the lasers to adjust a reflective model until all the reflections hit a target. This means that the T-Square is suitable to design solar cookers for unattended cooking. More can be found at this link The designer can help people adapt parabolic dishes to make them cook much longer. It can also help people design dishes and trough combinations that are much safer than parabolic dishes but which still give unattended cooking and faster cooking than box cookers.

Onswitch.jpg|thumb|left| Clothespeg keeps the laser pointer turned on]]

IMG 0854s.jpg The first "preliminary" design from the t-square is a parabolic trough primary collector with a 6 gently curved strips to send the line focus to the ball. The ball represents the cooking pot.]] [[File:Example.jpg]]