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The Soil and Health Library is a collection of mostly out of print books, created and maintained by Steve Solomon. Many of the books were written from the nineteenth through to the mid twentieth century. Books are available for download in PDF file format, or as CD copies for a fee.

Within the collection, there are four main subject areas:

  • Radical Agriculture
  • Restoration and Maintenance of Health
  • Achieving Personal Sovereignty
  • Achieving Spiritual Freedom

The Radical Agriculture collection[edit | edit source]

The Radical Agriculture collection contains the majority of books that may be of interest to Appropedia users. This collection is also known as the Holistic Agriculture Library. It includes books by well-known figures such as

  • William Albrecht
  • Lady Eve Balfour
  • Luther Burbank
  • Sir Albert Howard
  • JJ Rodale
  • PA Yeomans

Book topics include organic food and agriculture, composting, soil science, erosion, soil mineralization, biodynamic gardening and holistic farming. Classic books, such as Darwin's 1881 The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the action of worms with observations of their habits and Edward Faulkner's Plowman's Folly, are available for download.

Periodicals include

  • Biodynamics Journal
  • Soil and Health (first nine issues)

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Soil and Health Library

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