I have seen several random places on this site mentioning slug and other pest control. I thought I would start a specific thread for various methods of slug control, as the slugs around here have been particularly devastating to my small vegetable garden.

Beer traps[edit | edit source]

After reading several articles on the internet, I decided to try the beer method. Basically, put a shallow dish in the ground and add beer to the dish, leaving a few inches from the top for the slugs to crawl into the dish. They fall in and drown. I would recommend the cheapest beer one can find (I had year-old Bud Light hanging around). Also, I found it helpful to cover the container with something bigger, like a plastic plant pot, to minimize rain water getting in and diluting the beer.

You're supposed to remove the dead slugs every day, but I have a hard time getting out all the really small ones.

Any other suggestions would be welcome, as the beer method doesn't seem to be enough to control the slug population.

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