Shielding of transformers

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With the 2012-2023 solar storm on the way, the shielding of our transformers will become a critical issue. Although the NCAR/University of Colorado predictions[1][2][3][4] may be a little overexagerated, it is at least safe to assume that magnetic interference will occur, and we will need to foresee some protection against it to safeguard our transformers.

In essence, we can do so by foreseeing a switch between the transformer (connected to the wind, water, ... energy conversion system) and the mains electricity grid (ie to supply power back to the grid via net metering). This allows shutoff during times of great magnetic interference. Another method is using a neutral ground resistor on the transformers [5]In addition, the electricity lines also need to be dug into the ground. Finally, it is preferred that the electrical system is locally well set up to foresee in some degree of self-sufficiency (so that longer-term grid power outtages won't effect the local town). This means that several renewable energy sources are used, and that the local electrical requirements do not exceed the production with energy storage). This latter is voluntary though, and would only be of great help if the solar storm becomes as worse as depicted in the reports, and if you live in one of the worst areas therein (which is unlikely). Regardless, even if the solar storm won't effect us this much, it will still be a very good measure to take.

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