Our Mission[edit | edit source]

"To provide humanitarian aid worldwide in the form of shelter, warmth and comfort to people displaced by natural and other disasters."

Since operations began in January 2001, we have helped an estimated 500,000 people and worked in more than 40 countries – responding to earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis, wars, volcanoes etc.

Our solution to disasters is the ShelterBox – a tough, green plastic box containing a 10-person tent and ancillary equipment designed to enable a family of up to 10 people survive for at least six months.

Made to a unique design using high quality materials, our tents are suitable for a wide range of conditions. Other items may include insulated groundsheets, thermal blankets, a multi-fuel stove, cooking equipment, tools, mosquito nets, water containers etc. Exact contents will depend upon local conditions and what is most needed.

ShelterBox works directly with local organizations in countries where disasters have occurred, in partnership with other aid agencies and through the international Rotary network.

Our volunteer teams often oversee the distribution of boxes to individual recipients – making sure aid gets direct to those people who need it most.

ShelterBox has been utilized to complement military disaster relief operations, and to augment military assets within the disaster zone to provide temporary shelter and relief. Coordination of the distribution of the aid is achieved through Shelter Box representatives in the Disaster Zone (ShelterBox Response Teams) linked to operations in Cornwall, UK. This enables the distribution of shelter resources to victims in a Disaster Zone which remains with them as long as it is needed.

Coordination and further information may be effected with Mr. Tom Henderson or Mr. Ian Munday at Tel: +44(0)1326 569782 Fax: +44(0)1326 572336 Email: info@shelterbox.org Unit 1a, Water-ma-Trout, Helston, Cornwall, TR13 0LW, UK or [www.shelterbox.org]

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