Enigmo Inc., a Japanese internet business developer, launched --ShareMo-- to help people share their possessions.

Users are categorized as listers (sharers) or renters. Listers register things that they do not use but do not want to throw away-- on the ShareMo website. Renters use those items and pass them to other renters, thus encouraging the circulation of re-usable goods. Renters can borrow listed items simply by paying shipment charges, or they can buy the items.

Listers and renters who pass things to the next person will gain points. Saved points can be used to keep rented items or can be donated to the international non-government environmental organization, Friends of the Earth Japan, to promote planting trees in the desert. The service is basically available through mobile phones but possible to search or list goods through computers; registration and use of the service are free of charge.

Enigmo hopes to expand this service from items to other types of content, such as services and information.

Thoughts[edit | edit source]

  • This is potentially the beginning of a sharing based economy...
  • Encouraging shipping is a drag on transportation energy -- potential method could be very successful if localized.

More Information[edit | edit source]

For more information: [1]

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