Ideas for next year and funding stuffs[edit | edit source]

  • Speaker Series
    • Have one large seminar in the fall, and a few other smaller ones
      • Large seminar
        • Large Event Funding (deadline = September 1).
        • Shan will work with Masa on the application for this.
      • Small seminar
        • hold every month at same date.
        • Use GSC funding (deadline = September 1).
        • We will rotate who organizes this
        • Masa and Samantha will write up application for this.
    • Shan will set up a wiki page to brainstorm speaker ideas
  • Mixers with other Sustainability groups
    • Host an MIT-wide sustainability mixer. Apply for GSC funding (deadline = Septmeber 1).
    • Host a Boston-wide mixer.
      • Should we invite many groups at once, or one at a time?
      • How can we make it sustainable?

MCAN conference[edit | edit source]

  • Too much grunt work. Don't host it this year, and Tufts will.
  • Set up a workshop for the conference?

Activities Midway[edit | edit source]

  • Will occur on September 2 from 4 - 7 PM, at Johnson Arena. Setup is at 3 PM.
  • Please sign up to man the booth! Sign-up sheet is at Midway Sign-up Sheet
  • Table items:
    • Brochure (see below)
    • Flier for next meeting (Ari sets)
    • Sign-up sheet
    • StudioSus
    • SfGS poster (must get this from the SAVE room. Must get combo!)

StudioSus update[edit | edit source]

  • Went out on a CD for the frosh mailing (Elke)

Brochures[edit | edit source]

  • Make a new SfGS brochure for distribution at Midway and through LFEE, PSC.
  • Hope to have it in time for next week's orientation activities.
  • Christine is taking the lead.

GSVD[edit | edit source]

Energy White Paper[edit | edit source]

  • The MIT Energy Club is writing a white paper to advise Susan Hockfield on future MIT Energy research and initiatives. How should we get involved?
  • Elke will organize a meeting about this. Stay tuned.
  • Energy Club survey (to be sent to libway at mit dot edu)

Discussion[View | Edit]

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