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Send a Cow is a charity that helps African farmers out of poverty. We work hand in hand with farmers so that they can grow enough food to feed their families, sell produce and develop small businesses that last. We provide training, livestock, seeds and ongoing support; and help families to make the most of the land and resources they already have. In 2022, Send a Cow changed its name to Ripple Effect.[1]

Pass it on[edit | edit source]

In turn, these families then pass on young livestock, seeds or training to others. And so on. And so on. This ‘Pass it On’ principle not only builds stronger communities, it allows us to help even more people to develop skills, confidence and self respect. People are happier and healthier, children are educated, homes are improved and communities are more harmonious.

Long term development[edit | edit source]

Send a Cow doesn’t offer a quick fix solution to poverty and rural development. In for the long haul, we typically work with groups for five years to effect substantial and sustainable change. We also acknowledge from the outset that issues such as gender equality, health and family harmony are just as vital to the success of development programmes in Africa as simple livestock provision.

So in addition to ongoing training in animal wellbeing, sustainable organic farming practices and natural resource management, our work also provides courses in subjects such as gender equality, conflict resolution, health and hygiene and HIV/AIDS awareness. This balance of practical farming skills with social, life skills is a potent mix and produces remarkable results.

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