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Request for assistance: Making nut cracker tools for village workers

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 My name is Teffera Tesfaye, Ethiopian,50years old,father of 5 children wants really  help women in my village town Harer (Harery),thinking my help will be useful for development of the world hereby approaching my demand .Women of my village are hard workers,they used to decorticate ground nut by  hands,stones,teeth ,20kg/72hrs,& get US$ 0.5.That perturbs me.

I start asking  to my self  " haw  can I help them to increase their daily income? Haw to get them  way of prospering? " Here I am now at the second stage ,my first whose I am finding a nut sheller in APPROPEDIA web sit .Now I ask you ,how you help my village's +/- 2000 women ,to support getting these manually manipulate nut sheller tools for each & every of them?

Thank you very much for your positive answers


from:Addis Abeba,Ethiopia