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Reflection Paper in Empowerment of technologies

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In the past months I’ve taken Empowerment Technology, I can say that I really learned a lot. All of my prior knowledge was widened and expanded in so many different ways. I didn’t expect that I will really learn a lot. Not just learning, but at the same time i am having fun. Since day one, I always have the lesson to learn.We also discussed the topic about web pages and websites. Internet is like a big book, composed of different pages. Static and Dynamic was a bit complicated for me. But as we continue our discussion, I found it easy and really interesting. I asked myself, ” How did the people from past worked with that kind of process?” everything was hard and complicated, while in the present, everything is fast, instant and convenient. I really want to try that kind of program. Until the time came for us to tackle and discuss about Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. Everyone was really participating and sharing to the discussion. Since this is the ongoing Web that we are experiencing.