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It reflects ourselves[edit]

it has both aspects the amount of stress took a huge toll on me, it was difficult to comprehend everything, but on positive, I conquered the obstacles that may have lose my way to the succeeding path.If there is an activity that I/we need to do, I worked hard on

it to excel everything that my mind has put into. I do not give up despite how much I cried and be worried about the outcome. There was no procrastination, no laziness. No self-deception.

When I was assigned to do the data collection of all the respondents from grade 1 to 6. While working on it for 3 hours, I realized that all of it was wrong and that made me redo it all over again and only have limited time that day because the next day was the day of the deadline. It was the hardest one that I’ve faced in all of my school years. It made me lose so much time, and was unable to, rest and sleep that day, worrying what would might happen.Despite the troubling encounters that you may face, I learned that you must never give up, in my own opinion, facing it with heads up means you are a challenger, a beast that you must tame in order for you to control your emotions while working on this challenge, and because of that challenge, I learned so many IT projects of how they do it in the first place. About techs that are used as mediums for communicating and many more. Writing a blog, creating your presentation, do a data analysis on respondents in one week. Conducting a symposium in less than a month, joining an advocacy to raise awareness.

Encountering the biggest problem took a huge toll on me, there were many hardships and mental breakdowns because I was not used to it. However, while in that state, I remember to encourage myself to psychologically face it and motivate myself to stand on your own to feet to achieve success in the near future and must never give up. To me, it feels a lot. Around 50% of the total population are depressed, sad and were unable to conquer their deepest darkest fears. They are experiencing a lot of emotional pain. It relates to the world because we are human beings. If they add the time-management to their mentality, it would add another problem because of the stress and anxiety. They would rather give up than to face and humiliate themselves in front of the public. There are times that they would not receive my calls and text messages on group chat to any social medias for assigning them what to do on their given project. So, I confront them in real life and tried to threaten them using the “grade words” and the sense of responsibilities.

In the near future, I think I am the type of person that overworks herself in activities, projects, submissions. When I am the one who is going to assign the members’ given task, I would do them in effort, I do not have the sense of trust, I do not believe that they will do the task correctly because I am that type of person. In the end, everything went well and got a great score, but the one who is crying in shame is me. Instead of group collaboration, it was decided to be solo but it was still a group.