Maintaining quality is a matter of both technological tools and social function. See Quality in an open edit wiki for more.


Technology[edit | edit source]

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Tools for users[edit | edit source]

Community[edit | edit source]

You will need:

  • Community members with email alerts enabled. When multiple people have pages on their watchlist and have email alerts enabled, they can easily keep track of changes to pages.
  • People checking the RecentChanges page regularly. New pages are on no one's watchlist, so
  • Protection against misinformation - seek qualified people in the field to be a part of your community. (Trying to recruit a single person rarely works - spread the message widely, and keep spreading it, and see who responds.) This is less important than it sounds, i.e. qualified experts are not essential to creating a valuable resource, but it still has great value.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

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