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Pruning tools are a category of gardening tools focused on pruning plant life in the garden, yard, farm/agricultural and horticultural context.

Getting together a good selection of pruning tools can be an expensive exercise to begin with, as it is better to focus on quality over cheaper items. However, buying quality will usually prove cheaper in the long run as the pruning tools will do the work better and last longer than cheaper versions. If possible, see if you can purchase quality pruning items secondhand or get them from a family member who no longer has a need for them.

Types of pruning tools[edit | edit source]

Pruning tools include:

  • Secateurs, snips, snippers or pruners
  • Pruning shears, hedge shears
  • Loppers
  • Pruning saws

A knife can also be used for various pruning purposes.

Care of pruning tools[edit | edit source]

As with any garden tool, they should be well cared for to extend their life and utility. Always wash them after use and allow to dry fully before using again.