The Primary Surgery Wiki is an online and ongoing project to update and expand the content of Primary Surgery and to make it available for everybody.

Primary Surgery was an original three part textbook first published by Maurice King together with numerous experts two decades ago. The work comprises the volumes Non-Trauma, Trauma and Anaesthesia. It was created to supply doctors with basic surgical knowledge to cope with all surgical symptoms far away from referral centers.

It has become an essential guide for doctors working under limited conditions in developing countries over the years. The original textbook contains clear step-by-step descriptions and illustrations demonstrating examination and treating procedures.

The Canadian Network for International Surgery (CNIS) believes that medical professionals, students and support staff worldwide working in open collaboration can produce reference text that is simply the best. Open editing empowers everyone to bring and drive forward knowledge efficiently, effectively, and with utmost quality as a product of peer review and information sharing.

Status: As of November 2011, it appears to be inactive, with no edits since January 2011.[1]. However it already has some very detailed information, and the new user procedure has kept the spammers out.

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