The increase of the human poverty index has been one of the major problems in our society. Obviously this is the reason why our country is included in the still developing countries not only in Asia but in the whole world.

Poverty, for Filipinos, includes hunger and luck of financial for education, home and medical. As observed, many of our young citizens in our country suffer malnutrition due to lack of nutrition provided by their parents. Some also are scattering along the road begging for alms and food just to prevent hunger.

Aside from going to school, you can now witness young generations seeking for simple jobs just to earn a little amount of money. They scape home to find such.

One major effect of poverty is crime. Minors are now capable of engaging in crimes such as kidnapping, block mailing, snatching and killing.

At this point, parents also have the great accountability. They should guide their children. Moreover, whatever the child does depend on how they raised them.

Another major caused of poverty is corruption. The future of our country does not only lies on the hand of the citizens but also on the hand of the government.

Therefore, every citizens and government should work hand-in-hand to stop and prevent corruption for the progress of our nation and to give happiness to the upcoming generation.

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