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Pop Up Yurts

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Pop Up Yurts, humanitarian and Festivals[edit]

  • Cheap but strong and safe
  • Natural ecologic materials providing farming, absorbing Co2 more than releasing
    • Tents are imported and made of petrol based substances
  • Yurts provide security and a great magical feel of comfort inside

Since we cannot ship a single Yurt around the World, we can accept orders for container sized orders suitable for

  • Humanitarian response, earthquake, typhoons, population displacement.
    • The raised platform is required in those situations of longer stay
  • Re sellers or Festival rentals, if properly cared will last years
    • For a 1 week use the flooring is not necessary, the weight of one Pop Up Yurt is around 60 Kg

NGO Sholutions, Shelter Solutions[edit]

We are a Non Profit registered in Switzerland, mainly active with works in the Philippines. As soon as budget will allow, we will be registered as a Foundation in the Philippines.

We help alleviate poverty and look for sustainable solutions for the days ahead.

Young homeless adults that roam the big city streets, end up in Jail to often, find a living either with drug dealing or petty crimes, we want to help them out by providing a work education, mainly working with Bamboo.

Shelters are very much needed, all the time, if we look all around the World. The Philippines Islands are prone to many different calamities, human conflicts and poverty. The construction of shelters all year long is practically not existing, it is only done in reaction to a particular crises.

Sholutions CALL TO ACTION is about making shelters as Prefab. Prefab has so much more to offer.

  1. Work for remote area farmers, planting 3 bamboo for each single pole we use.
    1. Purchase on Fair Trade, adapted to farming size, provision for the sustainable propagation
  2. Prefab allows proper treatment to make the bamboo poles last.
    1. Untreated bamboo will last 1 to 3 seasons, by treating it last decades, say 10 to over a 100 Years
  3. Working ahead saves a lot of ressources, as 100% of the bamboo is used, yes, 100% in different planned products.
    1. Shelters, flooring, furniture, packaging, charcoal, electricity generation, mats, toys, strand woven high compresion products...
  4. We reforest, help keep farmers stay in the provinces
    1. Past humanitarian response in Ethiopia, Indonesia, overused bamboo, resulting in bare land

Design, ease of use, fast Pop Up, minimal ressource[edit]

Yurts have proven strength and ease of relocation for 1000`s of years in Mongolian steps

A Yurt is the nearest to a house from the tent family

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