We could get a vote going on the most revolutionary/effective/silliest ideas on Appropedia.

Re silliest - fun and controversial but may or may not be hurtful - could we mitigate that somehow? This is not an excuse for incivility. Vote for something silly, no problem - but before getting too negative, ask yourself what you're contributing to the world of free knowledge.

Catchy nomination categories e.g. like the 3 news columns in mX, a free Sydney newspaper: Doom & gloom, Boring but important, & What in the weird.

Content hunt[edit | edit source]

Another poll could be on the best content that someone finds for Appropedia. E.g.

  • Best new page based on PD content found with Appropedia's Public Domain Search. (i.e. nominate filt so thay can be added to the poll.)* and would in that way help find striking material for inclusion.
  • This might work as a content hunt as well, where kudos is given for finding the material - votes are given based on quality and need. i.e. filling an important gap in Appropedia's content.

Judging by community or small panel? (Don't want to be sending people off-site unnecessarily.)

Original idea suggested by Curt.

Disclaimer[edit | edit source]

Don't take this too seriously! An opt-in poll won't tell you anything definitive. It will be sensationalist.

We do hope it will be fun, and shine a spotlight on some of the good (and not-so-good pages)

Technical[edit | edit source]

Some kind of widget? Check these:

Discussion[View | Edit]

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