There are thousands of hours of audio covering sustainability-related topics. Many of these podcasts rely on listener funding.

The List[edit | edit source]

Name Feed Host Based in Topics covered Website
Agroinnovations self-hosted, iTunes Frank Aragona agriculture, technology URL
Beyond Zero - Community self-hosted, iTunes Melbourne, Victoria energy, technology URL
Biodynamics Now! agriculture URL
Bioneers iTunes URL
Crash Concepts: Featured Voices self-hosted, iTunes Chris Martenson energy, economics, ecology URL
The C-Realm iTunes KMO New York, New York culture, economics, energy URL
The Energy Transition Show RSS iTunes Chris Nelder energy, economics URL
Extraenvironmentalist self-hosted, iTunes, Feedburner Seth Moser-Katz and Justin Ritchie Vancouver, British Columbia URL
Green Majority Radio iTunes Daryn Caister and Stefan Hostetter Toronto, Ontario URL
Homesteading and Permaculture iTunes, Feedburner Paul Wheaton Montana homesteading, natural building URL
KunstlerCast self-hosted, iTunes James Howard Kunstler New York culture, energy URL
Living on Earth self-hosted, iTunes Steve Curwood Somerville, Massachusetts URL
Living Permaculture self-hosted, iTunes Jerome Osentowski and Stephanie Syson Carbondale, Colorado permaculture
Mind over Matters: Sustainability Segment self-hosted, iTunes Diane Horn Seattle, Washington URL
The Permaculture Podcast iTunes, Feedburner Scott Mann Pennsylvania permaculture URL
Permaculture Voices iTunes, Feedburner Diego Footer California permaculture, business, agriculture URL
Permie Kids Podcast iTunes Jen Mendez Maryland permaculture, education URL
Post-Carbon Radio PodOmatic Bing Gong and Karen Nyhus West Marin, California climate change, agriculture, energy URL
Radio Ecoshock iTunes, Feedburner Alex Smith British Columbia climate change, ecology URL
The Survival Podcast iTunes, Feedburner Jack Spirko Texas permaculture, politics, business URL
Sustainable World Radio self-hosted, iTunes Jill Cloutier permaculture, biology, natural building URL
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