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PlacerSustain PlacerSustain Home Pageis a collaborative network of individuals and organizations interested in creating a sustainable future in Placer County, California.

It is a communication channel and hub. It fosters the exchange of information, the application of expertise, the incubation of ideas and opportunities, the creation and support of collaborative working group relationships between individuals and organizations, a public access point to local sustainability efforts, and a forum for expressing interests and concerns. The collaborative work involves bringing stakeholders together and community engagement at the grass roots level. The participants speak with many voices but share common interests in the Wellness of Placer County in terms of the Human Community, the Environment, and our Economy. Interests include Growing Food, Nutrition, Human Health, Energy, Stewardship of Natural Resources, Education, and Sustainable Economies, including jobs, local business development, local to local market development. PlacerSustain can maintain linkages with regional, state, national and global sustainability efforts. PlacerSustain does not duplicate existing sustainability related efforts--it serves the interests of such efforts, using the tools of communication, information, relationships, and working collaboration. But PlacerSustain is also something more, PlacerSustain can be an organizing focus for working with the public on a peer to peer basis, engaging people where they are, not as they should be, from one perspective or another.

Nobody is coming to rescue us from the future we are creating. The essential work we must do for ourselves. While help is possible, it is increasingly apparent that we cannot rely too heavily upon state, national, and global institutions and economies to meet our needs. PlacerSustain involves the self organizing empowerment of our community's capacity to help each other. Ultimately, it will be what we decide to make it. These are my personal views. We are at the very beginning of defining our interests and purposes, which no doubt, if we are successful, will be diverse and dynamic.