Below are the outputs from the 2006 Participatory Practices for Sustainable Development (PPSD) Collaboration Plan, for Village Earth. Please feel free to use this space to add or expand on these.

After looking over my workshop notes, I believe that the list below is more accurate. Can someone (Irma, Flora, Jeri) confirm this list?

Broad goals:

  • Develop communications facility and strategy
  • Define and prioritize network goals
  • Define and develop Village Earth capacity
  • Develop fundraising goals
  • Develop tools to affect policy
  • Extend and evaluate projects
  • Institutionalize the planning process
  • Enhance tools for cultural empowerment
  • Promote and strengthen local practices

Supporting our vision and goals, tangible projects are beginning to evolve, such as

  • facilitate involvement of PPSD participants from Peru through Spanish translations,
  • host a gathering of the Shepibo Nation,
  • host an on-line auction to support Shepibo projects,
  • prepare documents for and host January PPSD training in Pucallpa, Peru,
  • extend VE work to Armenia,
  • develop a spiritual component to the VE curriculum.

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After a review of the content, this page seems like a coordination page that VE was using some time last year. As such, its value may be limited. On the other hand, perhaps it's a great start on a needed page! --CurtB 21:06, 15 March 2007 (PDT)

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