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A list of contemporary Paradigms would be helpful so that we may map out their varying response imperatives and thus the tools, strategies and techniques we might take in the details of our responsible actions. I envision this list as eventually represented in a diagram that shows the relationship between these Paradigms, tools and strategies.. so that we may transcend them to achieve what is necessary to make things better for all.. what-ever that is.

(These examples are crudely formed/incomplete and so I hope that they are corrected as necessary a-la Cunningham's Law.)


Paradigm: "Earth is a living entity, and so too by extension is the universe."

Response Imperative: Care for and regenerate our planet.

Tools: Permaculture Design, Mindfulness, Passivism, Ecological Activism, Holistic/Systems thinking, Learning the Land...

Strategies: Forest Gardening, Ecological Farming, care for each other, care for ourselves, resource-skill sharing..

Techniques: Culturally and regionally appropriate gardening (i.e. hugelkulture), Healing Circles..


Paradigm: "Hierarchical systems of authority are out of hand and must be checked before Earth's systems collapse"

Response Imperative: Dismantle the power systems that give power to the few at the expense of the many.

Tools: Anarchism, De-colonization, Anti-oppression...

Strategies: Mutual aid, care for each other, care for ourselves, sharing, skilling-up, martial arts..