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Photovoltaic Technology

-Efficiency of converting direct sunlight into electricity is approximately 6-20%,which too low. -PV is not consistent throughout the year due to weather variations. -So,PV is should be combined with Combined Heat and Power Unit(CHP) to produce sufficient electricity.


-CHP unit uses fuels like natural gas, biogas etc to produce electricity. The waste heat is utilized by heat exchanger for supplying heat to thermal appliances(like hot water, heater etc.) -Low Emission of GHG(Green House Gas). -Increase in efficiency upto 80%.


– CHP unit generates some amount of waste heat. So, in order to utilize the waste heat completely CCHP(Combined Cooling and Heat Power) unit can be used. -In CCHP waste heat from the CHP is harnessed by the absorption chillers and space cooling can be achieved. -Efficiency is further increased -GHG emission is reduced further.


-Batteries can connected to the above hybrid system. The purpose of using batteries is that, excess energy is stored in the battery which can be used to supply energy when cogeneration or tri-genreation unit fails to supply energy.

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