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The main problem for banana plant grown in temperate, cool climate gardens is not so much the cold as the rain and constant dampness during the winter season. This method using a drainage pipe is a neat and simple way to protect the banana plant from too much moisture during the colder months.

Covering the plant using a plastic drainage pipe[edit | edit source]

Prepare the banana plant first. Cut off the old, dying and dead foliage from the plant. Use clean cutting equipment, such as secateurs or a pruning saw.

Cut the banana stalks down to a smaller height. They'll grow back again when the warm weather returns and shortening them makes it easier to care for the plant during winter.

Slide a long piece of wide, flexible plastic drainage pipe over the banana plant. The drainage pipe must be the type that flexes with ease. Be careful to include the entire plant.

Place a plastic plant container over the top of the drainage pipe, to complete the cover. This top-end container must include a reasonable sized hole in it, to allow the plant to breathe and gain some water during the cool months.

Check the plant's condition regularly.

Remove the whole cover when the spring weather begins to warm up again.

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