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Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre

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Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre (OIFC) is a single window service for potential investors in India. It is and geared to augment the current flow of investment from NRIs who are already the largest source of foreign capital in India.

OIFC is a not-for-profit public private initiative between the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to provide a single-window facilitation services to Overseas Indians for partnering in India’s development.

Three-fold mandate[edit | edit source]

Acting as a focal point for facilitating the process of economic engagement of the Indian diaspora with India, OIFC has a three-fold mandate of:

  • Promoting investments into India
  • Catalysing business to business partnerships, and
  • Enabling knowledge exchange

Investment opportunities in India[edit | edit source]

The Indian economy offers several investment opportunities. While some of them are long-term projects and call for large investments, other options include individual investment avenues and products.

Long term projects are projects of national importance that will help in India's development. The OIFC platform will showcase investment opportunities in projects that require funding and will also help investors contact relevant institutions undertaking the projects. This information will be updated regularly to generate fresh investment opportunities for the overseas Indians.

Plethora of offerings[edit | edit source]

OIFC seeks to provide comprehensive information and management services on end-to-end wealth creation. The platform will showcase the entire gamut of investment opportunities and products that will help investors plan their wealth and finances better.

OIFC offers a plethora of offerings - real estate, stocks and mutual funds, gold funds, structured products; and other services such as trading in Indian equity market and in commodities, retirement planning, managing investment portfolios, restructuring assets allocation and protecting wealth and property, to name a few.

Live Help Facilitation[edit | edit source]

A unique part of the OIFC offering is its Live Help facilitation. Built in a supportive, interactive environment, the OIFC site never closes. Live Help is for those who want to go beyond standard FAQs or written documents on site and just want to talk to a real person.

The live facilitator listens to queries patiently, makes it easier to spot information on the site and, most importantly, refers individual cases to experts, keeps you updated on the progress of the query and informs about the course of action the experts recommend.

Knowledge Partners[edit | edit source]

The Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre has handpicked trusted knowledge experts to answer specific queries and handhold investors to make the right decision. Professional consultants add value to decision making whenever needed. Further, customised solutions are offered as per investment needs and the investor is advised on the range of suitable investment products available through OIFC’s strategic partners.

From query answering to last mile handholding, the partners cover every stage of setting up a business in India, ranging from procedural requirements to market entry strategies, tax and legal advisory services, to opportunity analysis and actual business launch. Right from simple doubts to the most complex query, they are ready to help at every step.

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