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MANGROVE RESTORATION IN A HIGH ENERGY ENVIRONMENT <<Currently Being Written Using This Outline by Dr. Catherine Jadot, Ph.D.>>

Table of contents (TOC)[edit | edit source]

  • Step 1: Determine Project Goals, Budget, Resources and Timeline
    • Setting Primary Project Goals
    • Setting Secondary “Mangrove Function” Goals
    • Determining Budget and Resources
    • Timelime
  • Step 2: Damage Assessment
  • Step 3: Site Selection
    • Tidal inundations survey
  • Step 4: Permitting
  • Step 5: Number, Density, Layout, Clusters, Size, Number
  • Step 6: Construction of Modules
    • Armored Cultivator Pot
    • Wrack protector
    • Reef Safe Fert Disc™.
    • Anchor
  • Step 7: Rehabilitation Monitoring.
    • Biological characteristics
    • Physical characteristics
    • Chemical characteristics

Disclaimer[edit | edit source]

This information was Reef Ball's Draftguide document.