File:Reforestation layout.JPG
Reforestation layout; second layout is preferred since trees get more sunlight this way
File:Tree plant holes.JPG
Tree plant holes; using a substrate (better soil around tree roots) trees wil grow better in poor soils
File:Wheeled auger.JPG
Wheeled auger; utensil to speed up tree planting by digging plant holes; a worker following behind the person with the wheeled auger can then put in a small tree in the hole; technique can not be used when distributing seed instead of young trees

Appropriate CDM A/R projects[edit | edit source]

The Clean Development Mechanism afforestation/reforestation (CDM A/R) is a flexible mechanism under the Kyoto protocol that is a useful tool for the reforestation of the earth to its original state of forestation. That said, at the moment, it does not yet foresee in the obligated use of more than one treespecie for a plot of land, nor the use of native treespecies, and as a result, many projects end up being forests that are moreof a pest than an asset to the country. In addition, since forests consist of much more layers than just the trees alone, the forests hence created are biologically non-functioning.[1][2]

Requirements of a CDM A/R project[edit | edit source]

  • Tree density must be so that 10-30% of the soil surface is covered (tree + tree crown)
  • Tree specie must be able to attain a height of 2 to 5 meter
  • A minimum soil surface of 0,05 to 1 ha must be planted

Economics of a project[edit | edit source]

Revenue per ha[edit | edit source]

  • 1 ha --> can in many countries be obtained for free ("mise en valeur")
  • 1 ton CO² --> 15 euro revenue
  • 1 ton of CO² is obtained per tree after 30 years
  • 1250 to 2000 trees can be placed per ha
  • ton co³ per tree per year: 0,0333333 ton
  • revenue per tree per year: 0,0333333 X 15 € = 0,4999 €

(note: in the first 10 years the growth of the tree is quicker and so more revnue is obtained in the first 10 years, less in the last 10-20 years)

  • revenue per ha --> with 1250 trees/ha --> 0,4999 X 1250 = 624,99 €
  • revenue per ha --> with 2000 trees/ha --> 0,4999 X 2000 = 999,99 €

(note: labour hours, seed price, ... still need to be subtracted from profits; labour hours: 0,375 €/h X 8 hour X 5 people = 15 €/day X 356 days = 5500 € water well: 2500 €, if young trees are bought/ha: 1250 trees X 0,175 per tree = 2350 euro)

Revenue possible under "small-scale CDM A/R"[edit | edit source]

Small-scale CDM A/R allows storing upto 8000 ton CO² per year According to [ the C-trade Carbon Pool article]; 36,5 to 88 ton CO²/ha per year is stored Calculation 1:

  • 8000 ton CO² / 36,5 ton CO² = 219,17 ha are possible
  • 8000 ton CO² / 88 ton CO² = 90,9 ha are possible

Calculation 2:

  • 0,03333 ton CO² per tree per year
  • 0,03333 ton X 1250 = 41,66 ton CO²/ha per year (density: 1250 trees/ha)
  • 8000 ton CO²/41,66 ton CO² = 192,03 ha possible


  • 0,03333 ton X 2000 = 66,66 ton CO²/ha per year (density: 2000 trees/ha)
  • 8000 ton CO²/66,66 ton CO² = 120,01 ha possible

Hence; according to calculation 1: 219,17 upto 90,9 ha for 8000 ton CO² according to calculation 2: 192,03 upto 66,66 ha for 8000 ton CO²

References[edit | edit source]

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