Photogrammetry is the science of making measurements from photos.

  • it allows exact positions of surface points
  • which enables one to make point clouds in 3D space
  • thus a group of photographs can be turned into a 3D model for open source 3D printing on a RepRap

Software[edit | edit source]

Best FOSS way to do it:


  • Autodesk's 123D Catch is the most mature commercial software it is free but not OS and is cloud based.
  • There is also Microsofts Photosynth - -which you must output point cloud and then clean up with Meshlab and [Visual SFM], which is free for noncommercial use but not OS. Only limited by your computer power, unlimited photos. Clean up with the open source Meshlab.
  • Python Photogrammetry Toolbox — Python scripts that automates Bundler and CMVS/PMVS, fronted by an open source GUI. Arc-Team’s tutorial.
  • ArcheOS — OS built Debian Squeeze to connect open photogrammetry and 3D modeling programs without the hassle of installing all the dependencies.
  • COLMAP [1]
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